How about the prospect as a hand glass blower?(Hand Blown Glass Vases)

Hand Blown Glass Vases

Hand glass blower is quite unique job and need skill creativity.

There several levels of glassblowing income opportunities. Scientific glass blowers are torchworking people who normally work at university and commercial laboratories, get regular salaries, and have their own association. Ask them, but I would expect salaries to be in $40-70,000 range.
There are almost no opportunities for employment as commercial free hand furnace glass workers as little is made in factories these days and most workers there are related to other employees.
Which gets us into studio glass. Lampworkers (using the torch) usually work in small spaces without assistance and how much they make depends on skill, marketing, and attractiveness of their work. The best make sculptural quality pieces that sell through galleries. For some of the best work and discussion of techniques find Contemporary Lampworking by Bandhu Scott Dunham as here… and/or visit
Most furnace glass workers are in studios which either function as partnerships or are run by the owner with paid assistants or apprentices who are learning. There is a middle ground of people making production glass sold in shops and decorator pieces sold through wholesale outlets where they compete with imported stuff. Setting up and running a furnace glass studio is considerably more costly than a torch working studio.
Another category from which many pipe makers come is neon tubing work, which is a form of torch work.

hand glass blower was create many type of hand glass art such as hand blown glass vases

Hand Blown Glass Vases

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