How to Make your own Glass Vases(Hand Blown Glass Vases)

Hand Blown Glass Vases

It’s a simple way how to create your own unique hand blown glass vases.shortly you will learn how to make it.A ordinary method for creating a vase is by lampworking.The process of manipulating solid glass in the flame of a table-top torch.

Creation Your hand blown glass vases

Step 1

Grasp the larger tube and narrow one open end of your tubing. Do this by heating the opening in your torch flame, until molten and turning (marvering) the tube against your graphite paddle. You can either bring the paddle up to your tube in the flame or bring the tube down to the paddle.
Step 2

Heat the ends of both your marvered tubing and blow tube to fix them. This allows the blow tube to hold the larger section of tubing and to be the instrument you use to blow the glass.
Step 3

Decide the length of tubing you necessitate and flame cut it to separate the rest of the tube. Do this by holding the blow tube in one hand, the tubing in the other hand and rotating the section to be cut in the flame. As you rotate, the glass compresses and eventually separates.
Step 4

Heat the ends of both your 6 mm rod and the closed end of your tubing. When molten, touch the two in the flame and continue rotating. The 6 mm rod is now a handle (punty) you use in combination with the blow pipe to securely hold and blow out your work.
Step 5

Heat the top of the tubing, just before the blow tube, and compress the opening down. Do this by heating the tube, until molten, and bringing your tube down to your neck tool. Use a gentle pressure as you rotate your work in the tool. The goal is to create a distinctive indentation so that you can define the top of your vases and easily split it from the blow tube.
Step 6

Heat the top half of the tubing, until molten, and pull it out of the flame while stretching slowly. This is the neck of your vases. If you want a longer, thinner neck pull more. If you want a shorter, thicker neck pull less.
Step 7

Heat the bottom half of your tubing to an orange glow and blow it out slowly by bringing the blow tube/handle directly to your mouth. It is best to blow in progressions to keep your work on center and preserve control over the glass.
Step 8

Go to the top of your vases to break off the blow tube. Tap the blow tube with the shears to remove it. If your tube does not separate, repeat the heat and constrict process.
Step 9

Heat the rim of the vases neck and flatten with your graphite paddle. If you want a larger flare, heat more of the neck.

Step 10

Flame cut the punty off and heats just the bottom of the vase. When molten, flippantly rotate the bottom against the graphite paddle.
Step 11

Put your vases in your kiln to anneal the glass.

now you can try making your own hand blown glass vases.try step by step and don’t give up if you not succed for the first time doing this.Try again.So good luck to you all.

Hand Blown Glass Vases

How to Cut your Hand Blown Glass Vases?

Hand Blown Glass Vases

Cutting a hand blown glass vases is fairly easy to do.There are two ways to cut hand blown glass vases whether using wire method or string method.Which ever way you cut the glass, make sure you bevel the edges of the glass once you are done.

a)Using wire Method

Step 1
Make sure you in the safety condition,wear goggles,apron and thicker gloves before cutting your hand blown glass vases.

Step 2
Score the hand blown glass vases where you want it to break, using the edge of a file around the outer edge of the glass. Don't press too hard when cutting the glass. Only score the line where you want to cut into the glass.

Step 3
Fill the hand blown glass vases with water to the level you wish to cut it at. Fill a bucket with water that is deep enough to accommodate the vases so that the vases is completely covered by water.

Step 4
Bend a wire so that it follows the line you scored into the vases and remains in place. With the vases sitting on a table, remove the wire. Heat the wire until it glows, using a stove top, but be careful to heat the wire evenly.

Step 5
Pitch the hand blown glass vases, with the wire still hot, into the ice water using caution not to bump the glass, because it can cut you. Immediately use a wooden stick to carefully bump and strike the submerged vases on the part of the glass you are removing. The glass should break cleanly.

b)Using string method

Step 1
Follow the steps above but instead of heating a wire, place a cotton string around the location where you wish to have the glass break. The cotton string is then slipped off the vases and used to absorb rubbing alcohol. Squeeze out the excess so the alcohol does not drip or run down the hand blown glass vases.

Step 2
Put the string back on the vases around the scored glass.

Step 3
Light the string on fire and allow it to burn in a location where fire risk is minimal (like a fireplace).

Step 4
Strike the glass vases so it breaks around the crack by tapping firmly on the part you are removing.

Safety tips and warnings
*Make sure the heat from the wire doesn't have time to penetrate too far into the glass or the glass will break in areas that are not scored.

*Be careful cutting hand blown glass vases. Always wear protective goggles, an apron and gloves. Glass is sharp and has the potential to break at any time during this activity.

*Fire should be used in carefully-controlled circumstances only. Glass is sometimes invisible or difficult to see under water and shards are going to be formed any time glass breaks.

*Clean up carefully after this project.

Things you will need:

* Matches
* 5-gallon bucket
* 4-cups of ice
* 6-inch wooden stick
* 1 spool of cotton string
* Two pair of pliers
* Bottle of rubbing alcohol
* file
* Stove top
* Water

Now you know how to cut hand blown glass vases and you can try this but the most important thing is your make sure you use goggles,gloves,apron and other things to protect first.

Hand Blown Glass Vases

Preppy Wedding Centerpieces(Hand Blown Glass Vases)

Hand Blown Glass Vases

The classic good looks of preppy style are a perennial favorite with brides. You can't go wrong with the charming colors and lines that characterize this timeless lifestyle. These are some great ideas for preppy centerpieces for your wedding reception.

When you think of preppy style, the first thing that comes to mind is pink and green. This is definitely an excellent option for the colors of your centerpieces. The pink and green can be the foundation of your flower choices, or you can use it for the vessels. Or maybe even both! There are many wonderful flowers available in shades of pink and green. Probably the preppiest combination would be green hydrangeas with pink peonies or garden roses. Another excellent option is pink ranunculus, which can even be found with a greenish center. It is a papery looking flower that combines marvelously with favorites like roses and peonies, or can also stand alone. For a more elaborate centerpiece, ask your florist about wiring a pearl into the center of some of the flowers to coordinate with your bridal jewelry.

Clever ideas for pink and green centerpiece vessels abound. You could do something as simple as tying a striped grosgrain ribbon around a cylindrical vase for an instant dash of preppy flair. For a more elegant wedding, seek out vases with a pink and green toile print (sometimes you find this design done on a galvanized bucket, which is an incredible combination of fancy and laid-back). Another idea would be to alternate pink vases and green vases filled to the brim with white flowers like roses or sweetpeas.

Certainly, every preppy woman adores the iconic look of the silver mint julep cup, and this would make a wonderful addition to a wedding centerpiece. There is just something so timeless about a bride in a white gown with pearl bridal jewelry that is perfect with the little silver cups. Instead of having one large centerpiece, place a mint julep cup at each place setting filled with wide open garden roses or peonies in shades of pink and white. To fill the middle of the table, think about a hurricane lantern with a large ivory pillar candle, or even a tiered stand of desserts. The hurricane lanterns are especially nice for outdoor weddings.

Another fantastic idea for preppy centerpieces is to arrange your flowers in monogrammed vessels. There are several ways in which this could be done. For a more subtle effect, tall glass vases with a wide mouth can be etched with a scrip monogram or initial. Fill with your favorite pink and green flowers. For a shabby chic beach wedding, what about handpainting beautiful tin pails with your monogram in a graceful design? It always looks great to add your own personal touch to store bought accessories.

Pink and green are not the only option for a preppy wedding centerpiece. The classic combination of Kelly green and navy could be a fun way to dress up your reception tables. Start with bouquets of white flowers, and place them in vases done in the green and navy palette. You can find beautiful hand blown glass pieces that combine your favorite colors, especially if you are having a small wedding and only need a handful of vases. Or for an all-out preppy look, paint simple containers in diagonal Kelly green and navy stripes to look like a classic mens' tie. It would be a fresh and interesting addition to any preppy wedding, and would be a great way to showcase your style.

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Hand Blown Glass Vases

Edible Bouquets - People Just Eat Them Up(Hand Blown Glass Vases)

Hand Blown Glass Vases

Hand blown glass vases
is matching to be a vases for edible bouquets and its will look more beautiful as a gift.

Have you ever been faced with the dilemma that you have to buy a gift for someone who has everything, needs nothing, and has strange tastes? The dilemma gets even worse when you add that you cannot spend much money. Nevertheless, the present has to represent all the devotion and respect you have to this person. Are you impatient to find the perfect gift for this person? So listen up - isn’t it a great gift idea to buy an edible bouquet.
I heard about this gift idea recently but I realized that it was not new at all. I remembered some sweet memories. When I was a child, my grandmother used to buy a bag of pops and a large pumpkin. Then, she would push the pops into and all over the pumpkin in order to make a jack-o-lantern with sweet “hair”.
Another great idea of edible bouquets usage is as a reward for some deserving action. For example:

Imagine that the person you may want to reward has everything. Imagine that this person has just quit smoking. Because of this now, he or she is always with a lollypop in her/his mouth. Don’t you want to reward this person for his/her action? Will he or she be pleased with a bouquet of freshly cut flowers?

Here are the steps, which will help you to make an edible bouquet:

1. Get out and go to a store where you can buy a lovely glass vase for a couple of dollars. (I even managed to find a hand blown vase for $4.50.). You are going to arrange the edible bouquet into a vase.

2. Take a bag of the lollipops that your friend adores – for example Tootsie Pops®, Dum Dums®, etc. (This will not cost more than a few dollars.). The edible bouquet will consist of lollypops.

3. Try to find and buy cheap but fancy bow or ribbons. (May be this will cost less than a dollar.) They will make the edible bouquet look lovely.

4. Go to the Florist’s and ask for a green, malleable foam block used by florists to arrange flowers with. You can also find this foam in some grocery stores. (One block probably costs around $1.00. take a couple in case you need more.)

5. When you get back home, try to fill one half of the vase with one half of the lollipops.

6. The next step is to cut the green foam so that it fits tightly in the vase's neck. It must look like a bed of green grass.

7. Then, arrange the other half of the lollypops. Insert them into the green foam starting in the center and circling outward with varying colors/flavors to make it more colored.

8. Wrap the ribbon around the neck of the vase, adding a big bow and this will make the edible bouquets look finished. It has just left to present the unique and edible bouquet to its recipient!

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Now you get a new great gift idea and im sure who will get the gift will love it.Edible bouquets and hand blown glass vases is a great matching I think.

Hand blown glass vases

How to Make an Etched Hand Blown Glass Vases

Hand Blown Glass Vases

You can create an etched hand blown glass vases as a family keepsake. Making an etched hand blown glass vases requires some creativity, very little effort and a few special supplies. Read on to learn how to make an etched glass vase.

Step 1

Create your own stencil using a picture from the computer and mylar or mid-weight plastic. Clip art is an excellent place to locate simple pictures to reproduce. Cut the design out with a craft knife. Remember that the parts that are cut out are the parts that are etched into the glass.

Step 2

Use a resisting gel to create the design for the etched hand blown glass vases. If you like to freehand your designs then the use of resisting gel is the right medium for you. Simply apply the gel everywhere that you don’t want etching to occur.

Step 3

Buy a pre-cut stencil. The stencils can be purchased at very little expense from a craft shop.

Step 4

Purchase the etching cream at a craft shop. Ask if the kind that you bought is reusable. Some creams cannot be reused. Other creams can be scraped off and reused.

Step 5

Clean the hand blown glass vases with vinegar and dry with a soft cloth. Tape the design to a hand blown glass vases and generously apply the etching cream. Make certain that you cover all the area evenly while you are making the etched of hand blown glass vases. Use the edge of a popsicle stick or a craft tool to evenly pull the cream over the stencil.

Step 6

Wait the time that the etching cream instructions indicate.

Step 7

If you are creating a continuous design on your etched hand blown glass vases this will take you many steps. If you are creating a repeating pattern take measurements so that you space them evenly. When you are finished wash the hand blown glass vases when you are finished and fill it with flowers and greenery.

Now say goodbye to pure and ugly hand blown glass vases because you can etched hand blown glass vases with your own creativity.

Hand Blown Glass Vases

Uses for Blown Glass(Hand Blown Glass Vases)

Hand Blown Glass Vases

Blown glass is molten glass that has been exaggerated with a pipe to form objects.Blown pieces come in a variety of shape,size and colour like hand blown glass vases, thats why there are unlimited uses for these items. You can obtain blown work from your favorite glass artist, or purchase commercially-made products from a local crafts store. Find out few ideas to use blown glass.

1. Vases are an ideal use for blown-glass objects because, as long as there is an opening, you can choose almost any blown form for this purpose such as hand blown glass vases

Tea-Light-Candle Holders
2. Concave blown glass forms work well as tea-light-candle holders. Purchase tea lights from craft stores and select from a variety of fragrances and colors. Pick a glass piece that is taller than the tea light so that when the candle is lit, the glass acts as a barrier between the flame and other objects. Alternately, you can fill the glass halfway with water and place the candle(s) inside for a water-lily look.

3. Bowls are used for displaying objects in both a useful and a decorative manner.For a striking appearance, fill a clear bowl with colored marbles, stones or brightly-wrapped candies and place it in an area that receives a lot of sun.

Scent Holders
4. Take benefit of the smaller blown items that you come across and use them as scent holders. Add a few drops of your favorite scented oil or perfume to the item and place a cork (available at hardware and crafts stores) in the top to store the scent. If the blown glass has an area that can be hooked or strung, you can hang items near a window so that the sun delivers the scent throughout the room.

5.. Place the glass in a trash bag and strike the object as much or as little as you prefer, depending on what size you want the broken pieces to be. With sand paper or a small rock tumbler, remove sharp edges so that the glass is ready for application. Glue broken pieces to photo frames using an industrial-strength adhesive, such as E-6000 glue, or wrap the objects with wire and hang them near windows to catch and distribute the light on walls and floors.

Here just few ideas of blown glass. actually many other things can we create from blown glass.just think more creative and you can make a new thing than a usual.

Hand Blown Glass Vases

Clear Glass Vases - Show Off Your Flowers in Glass(Hand Blown Glass Vases)

Hand Blown Glass Vases

Clear glass vases is same like hand blown glass vases because its can make your living room look fresh,relax and elegant.

Clear glass vases are a dazzling yet simple way to show off flowers, from buds to bouquets. Your living room can look quiet yet sophisticated, with glass flower vases in your living space. They are elegant and statuesque, and they set your rooms apart.

A tall clear glass vases is a simple style statement, but vases also come in various patterns, designs, sizes and shapes. Some are blown by machine, some hand thrown and some mouth-blown. If you have the funds to get the finest vases, you can select clear crystal vases to show off style and class.

You can find clear square glass vases, or vases in shapes round, rectangular, square and cylindrical. You can choose the best ones to enhance your decorative style. They are versatile and you can use them in so many ways.

Slender vases look elegant when you decorate them from within with daisies or red roses. These make your home warm looking and inviting. A simple bunch of colorful, fresh flowers can put a smile on the faces of your guests. Trim the roots, too, since the stems are visible through the vase.

You can dress up a clear glass cylinder vase with satin ribbon and sand, marbles or pebbles in the base. Or, for good luck, slip in lucky bamboos, for a traditional Chinese appeal.

In addition to the shapes of vases you may have seen, you can also find them in short or tall lengths, and with narrow or broad vases. Hand blown clear glass vases can have completely individual shapes, depending on the tastes of the glass blower. Fish bowls and bubble ball vases are unique types of vases that can show off your unusual style.

In the summer, you can use oranges, limes or other fruits to make a lovely addition to the vases. And for holidays, use symbols of the day to spruce up your home. Mosses and herbs can dress up short and stout glass vases. At Christmas time, you can add pine comes or ferns for the season.

Glass cylindrical vases can make effective candle holders. You can place them along dark hallways to illuminate them, and their slender shape makes them easy to carry and move. If you fill a clear glass flower vase with floating candles, it magnifies their lovely effect. It makes a great showpiece in your home, or a stately office decoration.

You can customize a clear glass vase by adding stained glass or metallic paint, or by wrapping it with wrapping paper. After you paint them, you can use them for arranging dry flowers.

If you have an excess of glass vases, you can reuse them in various creative ways. You can make them into centerpieces that will grace your dining room table. You can add stone pebbles or other items to give added appeal. You can even add a faux finish to them, so they will look like stone. However you show them off, Clear Glass Vases will add a special touch to any room in your home.

Clear Glass Vases provides the best information about Glass Vases, tall vases, wall vases, Waterford crystal vases, and centerpiece vases.

Clear glass vases or hand blown glass vases will give you fascinating touch to any space in your home.

Hand blown glass vases

How about the prospect as a hand glass blower?(Hand Blown Glass Vases)

Hand Blown Glass Vases

Hand glass blower is quite unique job and need skill creativity.

There several levels of glassblowing income opportunities. Scientific glass blowers are torchworking people who normally work at university and commercial laboratories, get regular salaries, and have their own association. Ask them, but I would expect salaries to be in $40-70,000 range.
There are almost no opportunities for employment as commercial free hand furnace glass workers as little is made in factories these days and most workers there are related to other employees.
Which gets us into studio glass. Lampworkers (using the torch) usually work in small spaces without assistance and how much they make depends on skill, marketing, and attractiveness of their work. The best make sculptural quality pieces that sell through galleries. For some of the best work and discussion of techniques find Contemporary Lampworking by Bandhu Scott Dunham as here… and/or visit
Most furnace glass workers are in studios which either function as partnerships or are run by the owner with paid assistants or apprentices who are learning. There is a middle ground of people making production glass sold in shops and decorator pieces sold through wholesale outlets where they compete with imported stuff. Setting up and running a furnace glass studio is considerably more costly than a torch working studio.
Another category from which many pipe makers come is neon tubing work, which is a form of torch work.

hand glass blower was create many type of hand glass art such as hand blown glass vases

Hand Blown Glass Vases

Contemporary Vases(Hand Blown Glass Vases)

Hand Blown Glass Vases

Contemporary vases is important to make your home display look fresh and modern.For example you can use hand blown glass vases as your contemporary vases.
Nothing says more about a person than a unique contemporary vases on display in their home. Not only does it serve to remind people of your exquisitely good taste, it also a conversational focal point.
Contemporary vases are not so much flower holding vessels these days, more of a standalone piece of art.
It brings your artistic taste off the walls and onto your coffee table or display cabinet.
If you have recently redesigned your home interior, you will know the importance of 'finishing off'. Accessories are vital in maintaining the look of your space.
A perfectly positioned contemporary vases can set a design off to a tee, and often becomes the centre piece of the design, holding it all together.
Finding contemporary wares used to be a tricky and expensive task, usually involving lots of travel. Of course, when you reach a store, you become over faced with choice, and it's not a choice to make lightly as your vases choice can make or break your design space.
Luckily there are a number of vase ware merchants on the internet, where you can study the various designs in your own time before making that all important decision.
They are perfectly placed to assist you in making the right purchase as experts in their field.
Many of these retailers have 100% unique designs, some even make them from their own workshops.
Imagine having a completely unique, one-of-a-kind contemporary vases in your living space. It's a pretty nice thought isn't it?
So when the time come for you to find that perfect vases, make sure you you check out the internet retailers first, you will be glad you did.
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So hurry get your contemporary vases to make your home more contemporary than other home.

Hand Blown Glass vases

A History of Glass Blowing and Hand Blown Glass Vases(Hand Blown Glass Vases)

Hand Blown Glass Vases

Hand Blown Glass Vases are an attractive glass vases.Blown pieces come in a variety of shapes,sizes and colours.Thats why it look beautiful and exclusive.

Glass blowing is an art form that has been around for a long time, but interest in it died down until the 1960s, when it underwent a renewal. There are lots of quality artisans blowing glass objects of all kinds. From hand blown glass vases to ornaments and other items, there are lots of options available for decorating your home. There's a real difference between hand blown and machine made art glass, so make sure you know what you're getting. Let's take a look at where these beautiful objects came from.

Blowing glass has been around for a long time - probably since about the first century BCE. Evidence has been found in a waste heap from Syria that suggests that people were blowing glass. However, it didn't get a lot of attention until the craft was mastered in Venice during the late medieval era. Workers on the Island of Murano learned how to make high quality hand blown glass vases, goblets, globes and other items. Many incredible fine glass pieces came from this era and location, and the Venetian government actually forbade the workers to leave the island, rewarding them instead with titles of nobility.

Holland and Germany were also working with glass during this period, but they weren't focusing much on blowing it. Instead, these countries became masters of glass engraving. The world of glass blowing changed relatively little between the seventeenth century and the twentieth, strangely enough. However, by the 1960s, interest in glass blowing as an art, rather than a mechanical process, was renewed. It started with professors at the Toledo Museum of Art, who held workshops to experiment with the art form, and only a few years later Dale Chihuly, world reknowned artist, came onto the scene.

With all these new artists coming into glass blowing and creating abstract sculptures, hand blown glass vases and more, this became one of the fastest growing art forms in North America. All kinds of glass blowers are producing beautiful work in all kinds of sizes and shapes, and there's a good chance that someone is working in your area. Whether you prefer deep blue cobalt glass, green glasses, or swirled and painted glass, there are pieces you'll love.

Antique hand blown glass is also popular with collectors. This glass can come in all kinds of decorative shapes, sizes and patterns, and is extremely valuable to the right person, making it a good investment for some. Glass objects are like having jewels of your own, whether large or small, cylinder shaped, rectangular, round or square. So, no matter who you are, you should check out your options in hand blown glass vases and other decorative objects. Art glass items are hot right now, and you'll need to get them while they're still available.

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Hand Blown Glass Vases