How to Cut your Hand Blown Glass Vases?

Hand Blown Glass Vases

Cutting a hand blown glass vases is fairly easy to do.There are two ways to cut hand blown glass vases whether using wire method or string method.Which ever way you cut the glass, make sure you bevel the edges of the glass once you are done.

a)Using wire Method

Step 1
Make sure you in the safety condition,wear goggles,apron and thicker gloves before cutting your hand blown glass vases.

Step 2
Score the hand blown glass vases where you want it to break, using the edge of a file around the outer edge of the glass. Don't press too hard when cutting the glass. Only score the line where you want to cut into the glass.

Step 3
Fill the hand blown glass vases with water to the level you wish to cut it at. Fill a bucket with water that is deep enough to accommodate the vases so that the vases is completely covered by water.

Step 4
Bend a wire so that it follows the line you scored into the vases and remains in place. With the vases sitting on a table, remove the wire. Heat the wire until it glows, using a stove top, but be careful to heat the wire evenly.

Step 5
Pitch the hand blown glass vases, with the wire still hot, into the ice water using caution not to bump the glass, because it can cut you. Immediately use a wooden stick to carefully bump and strike the submerged vases on the part of the glass you are removing. The glass should break cleanly.

b)Using string method

Step 1
Follow the steps above but instead of heating a wire, place a cotton string around the location where you wish to have the glass break. The cotton string is then slipped off the vases and used to absorb rubbing alcohol. Squeeze out the excess so the alcohol does not drip or run down the hand blown glass vases.

Step 2
Put the string back on the vases around the scored glass.

Step 3
Light the string on fire and allow it to burn in a location where fire risk is minimal (like a fireplace).

Step 4
Strike the glass vases so it breaks around the crack by tapping firmly on the part you are removing.

Safety tips and warnings
*Make sure the heat from the wire doesn't have time to penetrate too far into the glass or the glass will break in areas that are not scored.

*Be careful cutting hand blown glass vases. Always wear protective goggles, an apron and gloves. Glass is sharp and has the potential to break at any time during this activity.

*Fire should be used in carefully-controlled circumstances only. Glass is sometimes invisible or difficult to see under water and shards are going to be formed any time glass breaks.

*Clean up carefully after this project.

Things you will need:

* Matches
* 5-gallon bucket
* 4-cups of ice
* 6-inch wooden stick
* 1 spool of cotton string
* Two pair of pliers
* Bottle of rubbing alcohol
* file
* Stove top
* Water

Now you know how to cut hand blown glass vases and you can try this but the most important thing is your make sure you use goggles,gloves,apron and other things to protect first.

Hand Blown Glass Vases

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