How to Make your own Glass Vases(Hand Blown Glass Vases)

Hand Blown Glass Vases

It’s a simple way how to create your own unique hand blown glass vases.shortly you will learn how to make it.A ordinary method for creating a vase is by lampworking.The process of manipulating solid glass in the flame of a table-top torch.

Creation Your hand blown glass vases

Step 1

Grasp the larger tube and narrow one open end of your tubing. Do this by heating the opening in your torch flame, until molten and turning (marvering) the tube against your graphite paddle. You can either bring the paddle up to your tube in the flame or bring the tube down to the paddle.
Step 2

Heat the ends of both your marvered tubing and blow tube to fix them. This allows the blow tube to hold the larger section of tubing and to be the instrument you use to blow the glass.
Step 3

Decide the length of tubing you necessitate and flame cut it to separate the rest of the tube. Do this by holding the blow tube in one hand, the tubing in the other hand and rotating the section to be cut in the flame. As you rotate, the glass compresses and eventually separates.
Step 4

Heat the ends of both your 6 mm rod and the closed end of your tubing. When molten, touch the two in the flame and continue rotating. The 6 mm rod is now a handle (punty) you use in combination with the blow pipe to securely hold and blow out your work.
Step 5

Heat the top of the tubing, just before the blow tube, and compress the opening down. Do this by heating the tube, until molten, and bringing your tube down to your neck tool. Use a gentle pressure as you rotate your work in the tool. The goal is to create a distinctive indentation so that you can define the top of your vases and easily split it from the blow tube.
Step 6

Heat the top half of the tubing, until molten, and pull it out of the flame while stretching slowly. This is the neck of your vases. If you want a longer, thinner neck pull more. If you want a shorter, thicker neck pull less.
Step 7

Heat the bottom half of your tubing to an orange glow and blow it out slowly by bringing the blow tube/handle directly to your mouth. It is best to blow in progressions to keep your work on center and preserve control over the glass.
Step 8

Go to the top of your vases to break off the blow tube. Tap the blow tube with the shears to remove it. If your tube does not separate, repeat the heat and constrict process.
Step 9

Heat the rim of the vases neck and flatten with your graphite paddle. If you want a larger flare, heat more of the neck.

Step 10

Flame cut the punty off and heats just the bottom of the vase. When molten, flippantly rotate the bottom against the graphite paddle.
Step 11

Put your vases in your kiln to anneal the glass.

now you can try making your own hand blown glass vases.try step by step and don’t give up if you not succed for the first time doing this.Try again.So good luck to you all.

Hand Blown Glass Vases

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