How to Make an Etched Hand Blown Glass Vases

Hand Blown Glass Vases

You can create an etched hand blown glass vases as a family keepsake. Making an etched hand blown glass vases requires some creativity, very little effort and a few special supplies. Read on to learn how to make an etched glass vase.

Step 1

Create your own stencil using a picture from the computer and mylar or mid-weight plastic. Clip art is an excellent place to locate simple pictures to reproduce. Cut the design out with a craft knife. Remember that the parts that are cut out are the parts that are etched into the glass.

Step 2

Use a resisting gel to create the design for the etched hand blown glass vases. If you like to freehand your designs then the use of resisting gel is the right medium for you. Simply apply the gel everywhere that you don’t want etching to occur.

Step 3

Buy a pre-cut stencil. The stencils can be purchased at very little expense from a craft shop.

Step 4

Purchase the etching cream at a craft shop. Ask if the kind that you bought is reusable. Some creams cannot be reused. Other creams can be scraped off and reused.

Step 5

Clean the hand blown glass vases with vinegar and dry with a soft cloth. Tape the design to a hand blown glass vases and generously apply the etching cream. Make certain that you cover all the area evenly while you are making the etched of hand blown glass vases. Use the edge of a popsicle stick or a craft tool to evenly pull the cream over the stencil.

Step 6

Wait the time that the etching cream instructions indicate.

Step 7

If you are creating a continuous design on your etched hand blown glass vases this will take you many steps. If you are creating a repeating pattern take measurements so that you space them evenly. When you are finished wash the hand blown glass vases when you are finished and fill it with flowers and greenery.

Now say goodbye to pure and ugly hand blown glass vases because you can etched hand blown glass vases with your own creativity.

Hand Blown Glass Vases

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