Uses for Blown Glass(Hand Blown Glass Vases)

Hand Blown Glass Vases

Blown glass is molten glass that has been exaggerated with a pipe to form objects.Blown pieces come in a variety of shape,size and colour like hand blown glass vases, thats why there are unlimited uses for these items. You can obtain blown work from your favorite glass artist, or purchase commercially-made products from a local crafts store. Find out few ideas to use blown glass.

1. Vases are an ideal use for blown-glass objects because, as long as there is an opening, you can choose almost any blown form for this purpose such as hand blown glass vases

Tea-Light-Candle Holders
2. Concave blown glass forms work well as tea-light-candle holders. Purchase tea lights from craft stores and select from a variety of fragrances and colors. Pick a glass piece that is taller than the tea light so that when the candle is lit, the glass acts as a barrier between the flame and other objects. Alternately, you can fill the glass halfway with water and place the candle(s) inside for a water-lily look.

3. Bowls are used for displaying objects in both a useful and a decorative manner.For a striking appearance, fill a clear bowl with colored marbles, stones or brightly-wrapped candies and place it in an area that receives a lot of sun.

Scent Holders
4. Take benefit of the smaller blown items that you come across and use them as scent holders. Add a few drops of your favorite scented oil or perfume to the item and place a cork (available at hardware and crafts stores) in the top to store the scent. If the blown glass has an area that can be hooked or strung, you can hang items near a window so that the sun delivers the scent throughout the room.

5.. Place the glass in a trash bag and strike the object as much or as little as you prefer, depending on what size you want the broken pieces to be. With sand paper or a small rock tumbler, remove sharp edges so that the glass is ready for application. Glue broken pieces to photo frames using an industrial-strength adhesive, such as E-6000 glue, or wrap the objects with wire and hang them near windows to catch and distribute the light on walls and floors.

Here just few ideas of blown glass. actually many other things can we create from blown glass.just think more creative and you can make a new thing than a usual.

Hand Blown Glass Vases

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